Don't Like Coding But Still Interested In Joining IT? Here Are Some Alternatives

Rajat Saxena

July 9, 2023

While it is easier to assume that all technical folks who work at the IT companies are hardcore coders, it is actually not true. There are many fields in the IT industry where one does not have to know coding. Let's see what those fields are.

Customer Support Executives

In some companies these are also known as the Customer Success Executives and they are responsible for helping out the users in using the product. These people work very closely with the engineering and product teams so you will not be coding but you will be dealing with a lot of technical stuff. This is a great role for someone who is trying to break into IT from any other career.

UI/UX Designers

These folks are responsible for designing the over all user interface and user experience for the product(s) the company is working upon. While you are not expected to churn out code, you should be proficient at concepts of color theory, accessibility, UI designing with tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator etc.

Linux/Network Admins

Software developers require servers to host their development code upon. Someone has to configure those servers and take care of things like network access, disaster recovery and security of these servers. Although these profiles include almost no coding, you are expected to deal with configuration files from time to time. By “dealing”, I meant moving a few lines of code around.

DevOps Engineer

Consider this role as “Linux/Network Admin on steroids”. You are not only required to configure the servers and software,  but also to build the entire development and production servers stack from the ground up. This will include writing configuration files from scratch by going through the documentation of the software/hardware the company has provided you.

Data Engineer

In this role, you are required to design ingenious algorithms to dig out key information about the business. This will include scouring through a lot of data (in the form of database records, files etc.), perform the calculation and presenting the data in an easy to assimilate report. The company acts of such reports to fine-tune its business and processes.

Machine Learning Engineer

These people train computers to learn new skills and patterns. This sort of training helps the computers in making automated decisions in the future. In this role, you will be required to work with a lot of data and algorithms. You need to have some interest in mathematics so that you can grasp the machine learning algorithms with ease.

I hope you might have found something you are particularly interested in from the list above, even if coding is not your forte or interest. If you have further queries, please write to me at

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